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Thu, Mar. 30th, 2006, 09:57 am
jendaby: Reactions?

What did you all think of

1. So Logan felt bad about what he did. He did genuinely like the girl and now she's been sent away. I wasn't paying attention closely enough...was Troy also at a boarding school in VT?

2. The rapist...not caught. Theory? It was the tourguide. Obviously not a freshman, but still lives in the dorms. Means he isn't in a frat...but he knows exactly what goes on at the frat. Maybe it was "payback" to the girls who turned him down and to get the frat in trouble for their actions. Or, perhaps, it is something left for next season when, against her hopes, Veronica ends up at that school.

3. So, who is suspecting the mayor of the bus crash, because it's not Veronica and Keith...

4. Lamb and Maddison? I guess they have similar personalities.

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