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Fri, Mar. 31st, 2006, 07:45 am

I was listening to Rob Thomas's interview with Kristen of E!, and someone commented during that interview that fans are endlessly willing to forgive Logan for all of his crap, but the minute Duncan did something even remotely suspicious, people got really upset with him. I noticed this response myself—I mean, if you watch season 1 and see how AWFUL Logan is to Veronica, it's hard to imagine we can ever really buy in to their relationship. And likewise, when Duncan doesn't reveal that Meg is pregnant, I felt betrayed.

I think it has something to do with Veronica's love for Logan being redemptive...? I don't know. Anyone else feel this way?

Fri, Mar. 31st, 2006 03:21 pm (UTC)

Perhaps people are willing to forgive Logan because his snarky attitude is a facade to cover years of physical and mental abuse in a highly dysfuntional household, while Duncan grew up in a (somewhat) better situation and therefore has no excuse for human frailty. I know, pop psych, but it seems to be the best explanation .