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Wed, May. 10th, 2006, 01:13 pm
jendaby: Season 2 finale

Okay, while I saw the signs aboutCassidy (at least realized that he had been abused and surmised that Woody did it, and did not think he was as sweet as he had seemed after he'd been mean to Mac) I didn't want it to be true because I invested so much time in liking the character and rooting for him. I had thought that, given the freakishness of Meg's parents, the baby was really Lucky's (her parents wanted her to marry him and it was obvious there was abuse in the Manning household) and Veronica had somehow, despite protection, gotten chlamydia from Duncan. Ah, well. I was wrong.

Speaking of wrong, I was so angry when Lamb insisted on arresting Weevil during graduation. It is unclear if Lamb died on the plane, because it is unclear whether he was on it.

So, since Veronica missed her final, will she be staying in Neptune? My guess is yes. Her dream sequence in the beginning seems to show that she really loves Logan.

There is a theory that there was something scary in the briefcase...like a bomb or something...because it makes no sense for Keith not to call Veronica. I have never been in an airport where there was no cell phone signal at the gate...tough luck I guess.

The episode was an emotional rollercoaster and I felt numb for an hour after.

What about everyone else?

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